A n y a // Y o u n g e r (empresskatchan) wrote,
A n y a // Y o u n g e r

Cleaning up.

I've decided to fix up my friends list and also make this a friends only journal. Comment if you want to stay on mine, please. Some of you will automatically be on my list anyway.
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hey...keep me on. : )
I can guess I'm one of those people that's gonna automatically be on your list? ^_^
::raises hand:: I read your LJ :-P

::hands you a pic of me in a tuxedo:: you're keeping me on, right?

mwahahaha I love saying things that only you would understand... well, maybe Maia would too. Aren't inside jokes fun?

okay bye! XD

*waves hands and jumps around*
Keep me on...pwease?
Do I get the pleasure of staying on your friends list? Do I? do I? I know I don't comment much, but reading your journal is cool!
Keep me on Kelbean! ^_^
I better stay on your friends list -sticks tongue out at to- >_O