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I am content.

I bought 'Phonebooth' today. Whee. My life is complete... honestly. xD Well, until 'Daredevil' comes out later this month.

Dude... I got 3 burnt CDs today. One at Kariann's house and while I was babysitting, I burnt two there. I was going to do another one but Benceto's parents came home unexpectedly. I can only hope she needs me again this week before Thursday at noon. If not, I can do it next week.

Oh, right! Oregon Country Fair starts this weekend so I'll be leaving on Thursday and won't be back until Sunday night. Not like any of you care, right? xD Hardly anyone reads my livejournal anymore. But yes... I shall be gone.

Maia, I'm talking to Ezra right now. :D He's telling me all about SEP! Makes me miss it even more but... I also enjoy being able to hear all about it.

I think I'll go have ramen... or bed... or music... WHAT DO I WANT?! X____x

Cowboy Bebop owns you. Get used to it... It really does.

Okay night!
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